Friday, June 27, 2008

Izzy and The Play Pen and His Bouncer

Dear Polly,

So here you go ass wipe. And you thought i wouldnt post them. I have broadband now donchuknow. And its bloody bloody selow! This whole little gig I got going on here has just taken me half an hour.

Izzles loves his pen. So much so that he pissed all over it today. And his new threads are great. Thanks so much.

As you can see, he is built like a tank. He is fun now. And its the little things that make us realise he is changing and growing. Like it was a big deal when he started to be able to hold things in hands. I believe he is gifted. He has a sense of humour.And he cooks a mean curry.

Mum and all had a great holiday. Dani has come back saying 'heaps' heaps. And they all call me aunty paula which is not annoying at all.

So Rachael is well and alive. She came to the airport to pick up the boys. And she held Izzles until her arm went dead.

This is Izzy trying out his pen. He is so enjoy to it as you can see. He can roll now.
See how big his feet are. I mean seriously.
Sitting in the bumbo you bought him sitting in the play pen you bought him.
And this we bought last week. Its called a bouncer. Only thing is he keeps crashing into the sides of the doorway. Maybe when he is older. Like sixteen.
I love what he is wearing. Just a white t shirt. No cartoons. No cute 'mummy daddy baby shit' Just a white t shirt. Hot.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Socialising from February 2008 onwards...

Izzy with his nini's at Holiday Lodge. We were celebrating our brother in law's bday... this is from feb 10th, a little bitch old but sho wut...Cracks me up, this picture.... its a classic, innit. Izzy in a tigger outfit with his nini's....they adore him, its a very special thing. Still, cracks me up. Now this is Armand. He was born on same date as Irham. So he is about 4 days older, i do believe, than Izzy. This is Rahmans wife and child.. remember Rahman - used to hang out with Shukrey. He is eurasian... now works at Empire. Sure you remember him.. Armand has the softest biggest hair. Its like ice cream. He is so lovely... He is also one quarter white...
Now this is your handsome father with Izzy and Aiman about 2 weeks after Izzy was born. Can you see Izzy in his golfing outfit.. check out the shoes....

Gorgeous.. and that little guy aint bad either...

Now and Then...

Because facebook is stupid.

Dear Polly, so here are some piccies (how spastic is that word - piccies..) from this month. I did actually try my best to face book them but face book is a bastard and wont work for me.

So its thurs - pubic holiday. All the boys are asleep, I am downstairs while Redha sleeps upstairs, and Izzy is in the big room with me. Redha wanted to properly sleep so I packed a little plastic bag of all izzys stuff that he will need while he is with me downstairs: his cloth for his mouth, his blanket, his four oz of milk, his pamps and wipes, and his safari foot finders. They are like socks with big animals on them which he must wear when he thinks he may have lost his feet. Can also be used for his hands.

So please observe the photos... The ones with the boys are from the bday dinner at the new Tenaga restaurant which is so pretty now, looks rich-y and indian-y; not like a 70 year old's ex pat bungalow house anymore. And then at the end of the meal they served this beautiful tray of indian spices which have been delicately coated in mint and shit like that.

And the rest are of Izzy from this month at various times. At the moment he is discovering his voice - so he coos and gurgles like those real babies do. Its excellent. And he loves anything that flashes with lights, and he is a tv addict. He cant hold anything yet but sometimes he will try and reach out for something - usually the handle on his basket. He still likes to talk to his friends on the wall paper - remember, they are Ah Kau, Ramasamy, and Ahmad. He has a whole new wardrobe of clothes from Mothercaresalot for 3 - 6 months - which will only fit him for another half hour or so. I tell you this child is huge.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well bloody finally, right....

I mean come on, does it GET any cuter.. this is actually a couple of weeks old. At the moment he looks very fat in the chops... I think a smile is just a round the corner...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Izzy is two weeks old today...

His first bath. Actually he did not love it. At all....
It looks like he is really smiling dunnit.... But I dont think he smiles on purpose for a few weeks yet.. I think it was just a little fart actually...
He looks super handsome here...

So he is two weeks old now. He is spotty - baby acne from the hormones in breasticle milk; and still a little flaky and the boy can sure down milk.

Last night he slept from midnight till six can you believe it. The thing is, I didnt sleep because I was getting ready for him to wake up at four - as usual - then he didnt. So I had to try and sleep again but I couldnt because Redha insisted that he stay in the bed with us.. And he snuffles and snorts, and then Redha was snoring so it was kind of like being in bed in a farm.

Its now half two. Lying on the bed with the lap top on my lap. My stitches still kind of snag and pull. They are a right fu*king pain in the ass. And I have to pump my udders in a bit. I need to make a list of things about what I wasnt prepared for:

Things they dont tell you:

1. When you get to Ripas, and upon being warded, you dont get told jack shit about what happens next.

2. The time from when you think you are in labour to the time when you actually need to push is a goddammed long ass time.

3. You lose a lot of blood throughout.

4. My favourite part - strangely enough - was after they stitched me up, Izzy was asleep in the bed thing next to me in the labour room, it was around 7 in the morning, I was all alone, I was not in pain, I was served a warm milo and a bun, then I stood up to get out of bed to go wash and wee(then blood gushed out and went ALL over the floor) I felt relaxed and relieved.

5. Noone told me how the pain does not actually stop after giving birth. Stitches are no joke - very hard to move around with what they did to me down south

6. Oh and jesus christ when the milk comes in.. its like someone implanted canon balls behind your nipples.

7.Leakage. Are you kidding me... everything is padded up.. bras, underwear.

8. Night sweats. The grossest. Every night now I wake up wringing wet around my neck from nasty sweating. Apparently its the body still getting rid of water that was retained during pregnancy.
I had a major list but now I cant remember..